The Year Walk Companion is a free guide, released in conjuction with Year Walk on 21st February, 2013

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Year Walk Companion
Name Year Walk Companion
Release Date/s February 21, 2013
Platform/s iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
Current Version 1.1
Rating 12+
Publisher Simogo

The Year Walk Companion is a comprehensive guide about the creatures that dwell within the world of Year Walk. It contains background information about:

  • Årsgång or Year Walk
  • Skogsrået or The Huldra
  • Bäckahästen or The Brook Horse
  • Mylingen or The Myling
  • Nattravnen or The Night Raven
  • Kyrkogrimen or The Church Grim

The app also contains a login area, which is accesible via password (which is displayed at the end of Year Walk). Within the login area are the Year Walk Notes by Theodor Almsten, containing clues to unlocking the puzzle box found in the Year Walk game.



Details of the app were first released when a mysterious image was added to the bottom right-hand corner of the Year Walk frame at the time Year Walk was publicly announced. It was not until a few days before release that details of the guide were made public.

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