What is Simogo?Edit

Simogo Handelsbolag is an independent game

Beat Sneak Bandit GameMaker Video - IndieCade 2012 Nominee

Beat Sneak Bandit GameMaker Video - IndieCade 2012 Nominee

developer based in Malmö, Sweden and was founded by Simon Flesser and Magnus 'Gordon' Gardeback on August 2, 2010.

Their name, Simogo, is a fusion of the names of the two founders: Simon and Gordon.

They are responsible for a number of iOS titles, including Year Walk, Beat Sneak Bandit, Bumpy Road and Kosmo Spin.

In 2012 they began to branch to PC and Mac systems with the porting of Bumpy Road

Before SimogoEdit

In the early 2000s, Simon Flesser worked in the Visual Effects industry.[1] Gordon Gardeback developed video surveillance software.[2]

Soon, both of them decided to change to the games industry and their major job doing so was for SouthEnd Interactive in Sweden, helping to produce games such as ilomilo, R-Type Dimensions, Lode Runner and Tecmo Ball Throwback.


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