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  • Sample from the original pitch document

16Games is an abandoned project by Simogo that was submitted to the Nordic Game funding program.


To score the highest score without failing all minigames.


16Games requires the player to play a number of small minigames simultaneously using a two-buttoned control method. The player begins with a single minigame and once a score of 16 points is acheived, a new minigame is unlocked. Subsequent minigames will continue to unlock until all 16 minigames are unlocked.

If a player fails in a single minigame, that minigame is deactivated. A player loses 16Games when all minigames are deactivated.

The name 16 Games derives from the number of games that had to be played simultaneously, including:

  • Street Fury
  • Food Elevator
  • Tax King
  • Mega Rally
  • Invadius
  • Jet Pack Pop
  • Space Cats
  • Robo Wall Dash
  • Retros
  • Road 2000

The following is the description included in the pitch document sent to the Nordic Game funding program:

"A lot of games have offered a range of minigames and some even choose to throw them at the player at a high pace, such as Wario Ware. 16 Games is unique in that it offers all its minigames at the same time, and takes the concept of multitasking to a new level. With a set of extremely simple minigames that are all played like old LCD games, everyone should be able to pick up and play 16 Games. With a presentation that mixes retro visuals with a punky soundtrack, we believe a unique atmosphere is communicated as well."

This game is no longer in development.